CONFESSION SESSIONS - "The Raw Essence of Conversation"

Rob Golfi RE/MAX Escarpment the Golfi Team is proud to present, Confession Sessions, “The Raw Essence of Conversation,” with speakers Modesta Tonan, Sue Morreale, Tania Joy Antonio, Krisha Young, Alana Rachello Stefanidis and Antoinette Salvatori.

Hosted and Moderated by Pathstone Mental Health’s Director of Philanthropy, Kim Rossi, in partnership with Wellspring Niagara, “The Raw Essence of Conversation” will be an intimate evening that features a panel of six, resilient women who have chosen to break the façade of silence by integrating an unconventional platform to share personal and powerful life experiences in an effort to provoke conversation and change.

The diverse disciplines of this panel will showcase Authors, Entrepreneurs, Educators, a Holistic Life Coach, Jewelry Designer and a Nurse who are joining forces from Toronto, Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Mental Health concerns such as Depression, Suicide, Addiction, Abuse and Infidelity have unfortunately become part of our daily news worldwide stemming from the affluent community to the less fortunate. As well as the implications of Cancer and the unfortunate emotional toll it takes on our loved ones as this untimely disease does not focus on gender, race or religion.

It will be an unforgettable experience of laughter, smiles and tears that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to live your life Unapologetically – to reconnect with your Inner-Self.

Empowering ~ Life Changing ~ Unforgettable

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Confession Sessions: Session II is coming on March 22, 2019, please continue to check back for updates.

The panel will be returning with new guests and more conversations.

We will be posting updates on a continuous basis, and encourage both men and women to join the movement.

Help us spread the word and email us to see how you can get involved.

For sponsorship details please email link below. We look forward to seeing you. Stay posted, we are just getting started.

Empowering ~ Life Changing ~ Unforgettable

Confession Sessions - "The Raw Essence of Conversation"

An Evening with Awesome Speakers

Friday March 22st, 2018



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6:00 - 06:50 PM
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7:05 - 07:15 PM


7:15 - 07:30 PM

Guest Speaker


7:30 - 07:45 PM



7:45 - 08:00 PM


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8:00 - 08:15 PM



8:15 - 08:30 PM

*** Intermission ***

8:30 - 08:45 PM



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Show Ends

Confession Sessions 2018 is complete and the doors will close promptly at 10:00PM.

Friday, 18th August

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16:30 - Late

After Party

Stick around and enjoy a dazzling after work.

Sponsorship Inquiries
To Learn More about Confession Sessions – “The Raw Essence of Conversation” Sponsorship Opportunities and how your support will benefit our charitable partners, Pathstone Mental Health and Wellspring Niagara (Cancer Support), please contact our Director of Sponsorship for more information. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

How to Purchase an Empowering Seat
Seating is limited for this empowering event – please visit the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Box Office on how to purchase your tickets now.

"The Raw Essence of Conversation" is not deemed suitable for patrons under the age of 19 due to some of the speaking platforms of abuse, addictions and infidelity. Tickets will be available for purchase at The FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada for patrons 19 years of age and older. Parental guidance is strongly recommended.

Confession Sessions II Host & Moderator

Modesta is the visionary of Confession Sessions and a Canadian Author who is set to release her second novel "I Love You Still."

With the support of her loving family, Modesta has embarked on a journey to pursue her passion of storytelling and has provided a platform for those to deliver their own.

A mother first and an author second, Modesta values her family above all else and with her family grown she is excited to start writing the next chapter of her life with all of you. Through stories of pain and loss, she is a constant reminder of how love prevails.

Modesta Tonan, Author
modestatonanauthor@gmail.com | www.modestatonan.com

Awesome Speakers from our First Session

Listen ~ Learn ~ Get Inspired

Author ~ Motivational Speaker
Producer ~ Screenwriter

Modesta Tonan
Modesta Tonan is one of Canada’s most engaging author’s as her first novel, “I Belong to You”, takes readers on a spiritual journey through the emotional depths of denial, love, humor and a longing to reconnect with that inner voice – “Your Intuition.”

Tonan’s timeless writing style is assured to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers around the world with what began as a girlfriend’s getaway to Italy soon transitioned into a life altering Epiphany that will have you question the very existence of your own life’s purpose. It’s candid, transparent and definitely a read that will captivate your senses for this True Wanderlust of Life soon becomes a victim of times already traveled and moments that are yet to be.

Modesta’s journey continues to flourish with the debut of her second book, “I Love You Still,” to be released soon online and in select Chapters – Indigo Bookstores in Canada. "I Belong to You" is in the process of being turned into a film.

More About Speaker

Designer ~ Entrepreneur
Educator ~ Registered Nurse

Sue Morreale
Sue Morreale is a business owner, registered nurse, wellness activist, cancer thriver and a strong woman. She believes a woman should always appreciate herself and honor her soul in everything she does. That philosophy has helped her create a business with products that inspire women to recognize their individuality, personal style and strength.

As a wellness warrior and advocate against the fight of breast cancer, Sue continues to empower and inspire women to live their best possible life while honoring and appreciating their soul along the way. The mission of her and daughter, Ciara, is to provide a space in which beauty, experience, and wellness are supported by products that guide one’s journey to well-being, celebrate women and their stories, while inspiring and empowering others to live a happy, healthy, and grateful life; a space where women can gather and feel comfortable in their own skin.

More About Speaker

Mother ~ Wife ~ Dreamer
Author ~ Creator

Tania Joy Antonio
"Motherhood sparked a whole new level of vibration in her soul!"

In a world that seeks purity, Tania Joy Antonio is passionate about inspiring positive change and advocates for an unequivocal universal platform of “Optimism”. Tania is becoming one of Canada’s most inspiring young author’s who has dedicated through writing a platform to change the way we as a society discuss, heal and think about the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of our children.

She truly understands and embraces the power of positive affirmations because the deeply rooted message within a word, many words became the hidden voice behind saving her life. The synergy of the world is intertwined through the kinetic power of being human and Tania feels strongly that a unique story is folded between the layers of our soul awaiting a platform to unwrap its delicate message.

Tania deems herself a Wounded Warrior, a broken soul, and her gift to herself is to savour the unfolding on this journey called life embracing the abs and flows. She believes deeply in the healing power of conversation. One by one we will collectively begin to heal from within, allowing our soul to be visible again and to speak our truth with no fear as fear is not one’s demise but FEAR – Follow Eternal Authentic Resilience is a façade for strength as we gather perspective about ourselves.

More About Speaker

True Wanderlust
Educator ~ Resilient

Alana Rachello Stefanidis
Alana Rachello Stefanidis is a grateful 52 - year old single mother of two teenagers.

Her love for children inspired Alana to become a preschool teacher where she now co-owns and operates Kinder Academy Education Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Alana is an avid traveller, wine lover, foodie and adores spending time with her family and friends. She feels blessed to be surrounded by strong, supportive women who are her "tribe".

A survivor of loss, betrayal and depression; Alana is a so called "open book" and wants to share her message of hope that life is a choice. Persevere, you will be surprised on how strong you really are once you have connected with your soul. It’s simple, “Choose to Love Yourself More!

More About Speaker

Survivor ~ Entrepreneur
Educator ~ Motivator

Antoinette Salvatori
Antoinette considers herself a “Survivor!” She has struggled and overcome many unforeseen challenges throughout life such as; Depression, Anxiety, an Eating Disorder, the loss of her husband to Cancer, and friend to Suicide.

The façade of life is bound by many faces and for me to evolve and take a transparent approach has changed my life forever extending to me a platform to share with the world, “You are never too old to reinvent Yourself!”

She believes that it is important to “Never let the opinions of others become the measure of your worth!” Her goal is to assist and empower others who are struggling with the same challenges she faces by sharing her own personal journey.

Antoinette divides her time between being a Secondary Educator for the Halton Catholic District School Board, a Business Entrepreneur, and volunteering her time to many community and charitable programs within the Niagara Region such as the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Arif Merani Foundation (servicing food kitchens), the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Mental Health and the Good Shepard.

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Charities We Support

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The goal of Pathstone Mental Health is to support children, youth and families across Niagara who are struggling with mental health issues. Over the past 12 months, we served more than 6,200 clients. This year we are on track so see close to 7,000. Our objective at Pathstone is to ensure no child waits more than 30 days for mental health treatment. Donate Now.

Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy
905-688-6850, ext. 167

Wellspring is a network of community-based support centres offering programs and services that meet the emotional, social, practical and restorative needs of people living with cancer and those who care for them. Wellspring programs are offered free of charge. Donate Now.

Ann Mantini-Celima, Executive Director

No One Goes Hungry, founded by full time mortgage agent, mom of four - Carey Benvenutui. She began the No One Goes Hungry program as an opportunity to give members of our community an outlet to help those struggling to put a meal on the table. By working together as a collective Carey and her team are able to achieve far greater results than working alone. This year the No One Goes Hungry model will feed over 27,000 people throughout the Niagara Region. Click here for more information.

Carey Benvenutui, Founder

"The Art of Happiness Lies in the Power of Love"

Confession Sessions Box Office Tickets

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Ticket Price

Plus HST

  • V.I.P. Admission
  • Percentage of all Ticket Proceeds go to Charity
  • Meet & Greet with Speakers
  • V.I.P. SWAG Bag

Fee Breakdown
$40.00 + $2.50 CCIF (Cultural Capital Investment Fund) + $2.50 Handling Fee

Venue Information

Beautiful location in the heart of St. Catharines, Ontario


Confession Sessions will be held at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre at 250 St Paul St.,
St. Catharines, ON L2R 3M2
(905) 688-0722

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Route to Location

To get to the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre from the QEW please see the the Route link below for a map and directions.

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Suitable Hotels and Restaurents are surrounded all the area.

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ADELE FILICE - Editorial Director
  My name is Adele Filice, and I live in Niagara, where I was raised with a culture filled, traditional outlook on life, that has been my foundation to the person I have become. I am a proud mom first, a loving wife, a dedicated Vice Principal, and a loyal friend.
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